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Its Time to Start Drinking Cold Brew Coffee

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Starting the day with a cup of coffee is routine for Ticos and for half of the world, but wrapping your hands around a hot cup of coffee while feeling the cool mountain air is not the same as doing so in the high temperatures of the Guanacaste coast. And don’t even mention when we want coffee in the afternoon in the 35-degree Celsius (95-degree Fahrenheit) heat.

Do not despair― to satisfy your craving on these hot days, Nosara Coffee House has cold coffee. It is not the typical hot coffee cooled off with ice but rather coffee made by cold extraction, known as cold brew.

American baristas Freddy and Ambria Arundel opened the Coffee House on January 24, offering good variations of this kind of coffee for sweet tooths and caffeine addicts.

Cold brew works like this: the ground bean is infused in cold water with a French press for 18 hours, resulting in a sweeter, less acidic and more caffeinated coffee. The coffee brand they use is Taza Amarilla, a high quality organic coffee brought directly from Zarcero, Tarrazu and Alajuela.

Their cold coffee options include the Cold Brew, which costs ¢1,080 ($2), Iced Mocha (chocolate, milk and sugar) for ¢2,500 ($4.75), Iced Caramel (farmed fresh caramel) for ¢2500 ($4.75) and the house specialty, the Surf Shot, a shot of pure energy made with cold coffee, raw cocoa, honey, dates and coconut oil for ¢1,500 ($2.85).

Another of their creations is the Bulletproof, made with hot coffee, virgin coconut oil and butter for ¢2,900 ($5.50). Frosties cost ¢1080 ($2) and there are also non-alcoholic cocktails, green tea with passion fruit or lemongrass, mango with white tea and blackberries with cream with prices between ¢2,000 and ¢2,750 ($3.75 and $5.20).

Nosara Coffee House  is family-oriented and ideal for taking children. It has large tables and games like ping pong and chess boards. They have a green market on Sundays from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.


Directions: Across from Mini Super Delicias del Mundo

Hours: Every day from 6:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.

The Good: In the mornings, they offer whole wheat toast with jam, butter and cheese for ¢1,500 ($2.85).

The Bad: They do not accept credit cards and do not have food options.