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La Vuelta de La Soledad Returns to Puerto Carrillo in 2015

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For the 15th consecutive year, the inhabitants of Carrillo Beach are preparing to welcome cyclists and bike riders who will participate in the 2015 Vuelta de La Soledad, which will take place on May 2nd.

The route begins at the old Carrillo airport and ends back in the same place. During this tour, participants will have the chance to appreciate the area’s coastal landscape and feel the adrenaline of going up and down the mountains.

The races begin at 8 a.m. with the categories of 25K short recreational, 58K long recreational and non-federated competitive and 70K federated competitive, and continue at 3 p.m. with 10K athleticism.

The cost of registration for participants is ₡25,000 ($47.15) for the recreational race, ₡50,000 ($94.30) for couples in any category, ₡25,000 for individuals in competitive categories and ₡10,000 ($18.85) for the 10K athleticism category.

The top three places will be awarded cash prizes to participants in the categories of athleticism and federated MTB.

The event is organized by Ciclo Guilly and sponsored by Scotiabank, Teletica and Dos Pinos, among others.

To register, you can go to the web page or search for Ciclo Guilly Santa Ana on Facebook.