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Lalos: Guilt-Free Ice Cream

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It is hot, the day is lovely and the craving for ice cream is immense, but the calorie count torments you just thinking about it. For these daily occurrences, Guiones Beach is the perfect choice with Lalos, the new ice cream shop located in Gabi’s Place.

Their ice creams have no fat, sugar or preservatives added and are made from natural yogurt with fruit. In addition, there is always an option for vegans, which has a consistency very similar to that of frozen yogurt, since they use a formula made with inulin, a compound obtained from the roots of some tubers that gives this texture.

Ordering the ice cream is very unusual. There are always two flavors every day: one that is yogurt-based and one for vegans. The flavors change depending on the fruits they have on hand. It could be pineapple, passion fruit, banana, melon, strawberries and orange, to mention a few.

Customers have the opportunity to serve themselves the ice cream, so take a cup and put in whatever you like from the dispensers, even mixing flavors, always keeping in mind that the ice cream costs ¢350 (about 65 cents) per ounce or ¢12 (about 2 cents) per gram.

Those who enjoy sweets and don’t have any problems with calories can add chocolate chips, sprinkles, Oreo cookies, granola, marshmallows, or something lighter like chopped fruits such as melon, pineapple, passion fruit and shredded coconut.

Although the place is very small, it is nicely decorated with posters and the metal structure is combined with wood details, minimalist style.

Hours: Tuesday to Sunday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Phone Numbers: 8813-2123 // 8842-3931

The Good: The ice cream is very light and tastes great. The price per ounce allows for a good amount at an affordable price.

The Bad: There are only two flavors per day.