Large Investment Will Allow Hojancha to Have a Covered Amphitheater

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In order to promote culture and the arts in the canton of Hojancha, the municipality intends to make a large investment in the amphitheater, which will allow all kinds of cultural performances and special events to take place.

The amphitheater is the place where the community of Hojancha receives artists and holds cultural and social activities, health campaigns and public security and Red Cross events. It is located next to the central park.

Mayor Eduardo Pineda said that Hojancha deserves a proper place to hold all kinds of events. “Honestly, it is an important work. At this time, holding activities in the open is a problem. With the roofing, activities can be held without any problem. The idea is for Hojancha to have an appropriate place to hold cultural and artistic activities. Even any institution that wants to hold their activities can do it there,” Pineda said.

According to Pineda, the work will be done in two stages, the first of which is roofing, which entails an investment of 85 million colones ($160,000), by means of a specific line item budget that was processed last year by former legislator Luis Antonio Aiza.

This stage is scheduled to begin on January 15, 2015 and the construction permits are already approved. The company in charge is Frailes CKM S.A. from Grecia, which won the bid in September 2014.

The second stage involves the construction of the stage and landscaping at a cost of about 30 million colones (about $56,600). These funds will come from what is called the exit tax, issued by the Ministry of Finance and already underwritten by the Comptroller General of the Republic.