Las Catalinas Company Proposes Project to Access Dantita Beach

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With a project that will cost more than $700,000, the Las Catalinas tourist complex hopes to open universal access to Dantita Beach.
This was presented on Tuesday, July 21st, by Michael Garcia, representative of Las Catalinas, during the regular session of the Santa Cruz Municipal Council.

According to Garcia, they plan to build a permanent walkway that connects Danta Beach to Dantita Beach. This route would have universal access conditions, so a wheelchair or anyone with special needs could enter.

“We as a private entity want to provide a solution to the problem. We have a proposal to provide the solution for universal access to Dantita Beach,” Garcia said.

The community of Dantita Beach claims that the street leading to the beach was closed by the complex, and that was a municipal road. However, according to the land survey report from the Municipality of Santa Cruz, this property is private so they can’t be obligated to open it.

Fielding some questions from the council, Garcia affirmed that the company would shoulder the cost of the path. However, since it is a maritime land zone, the municipality would have to authorize construction.

To access the beach, people would have to walk about 440 meters (1,445 feet). However, the proposal includes a parking area, restrooms and a floating dock.

In 2010, Las Catalinas donated a plot of 3,702 square meters (.9 acres) to the Municipality of Santa Cruz, which was accepted by means of an agreement during the regular session on June 29, 2010, pursuant to Article 23 of the Maritime Land Zone Law, so the community would had access to the beach. However, the road did not allow access for people with disabilities and people had to walk 695 meters (2,280 feet).

Council member Maria Rosa Angulo commented that the proposal should be analyzed carefully.

“This proposal sounds very good, but we have a very delicate situation since the neighbors want to open the previous road and are not willing to negotiate. We need to evaluate what we decide very carefully to not affect either one or the other.”

To the second vice mayor of Santa Cruz, Osman Guadamuz, the proposals from Las Catalinas would not only solve universal access to the beach but could also boost tourism in the area.

The council agreed that the proposed path would be sent to a commission to be analyzed and also for technicians from the Municipality to issue criteria.