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Latin American Cinema to be Presented in Samara

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Mid-year school vacations arrive in the month of July, during which Samara will welcome a special visitor that will be hosted on the beautiful Guanacastecan beach for the eighth time: the highly anticipated Ciclo de Cine film festival.

The exhibition, called Libros Preguntario (Curious Books), will be held free of charge July 7-17 at the facilities of Intercultura language school, Monday through Thursday at 7 p.m.

Diego Lasso, the event’s organizer, said that the film festival is meant to bring quality cinema to the residents of Samara, who do not have access to good films.

“Movies are a way of seeing life. We have a very linear life. We have the same routine that is repeated and repeated, and movies quickly allow you to live another life and see other realities,” commented Lasso.

The listing for the festival includes movies from a range of countries like Chile, Columbia, Ecuador, Argentina and Honduras, to mention a few.

In addition, at the end of every film, a discussion will be held in which attendees can participate, creating a space for critiques and comments on the films. In addition, moviegoers will be able to see an exhibition of books that can be bought at the event.

The Movie Lineup

In previous years, the festival has included weeks of kids’ movies or African or European films. This time the theme will be Latin American cinema.

One of the films presented will be Revolucion, which portrays the life of Manuel Corvalan, a 15 year-old who decides to abandon his upper-class family and join the recently-formed Army of the Andes, commanded by General Jose de San Martin.

San Martin was a 19th-century soldier who led campaigns for the independence of Argentina, Chile and Peru.

Another feature film is Gloria, a Chilean movie nominated for the Best Foreign Film at the 2013 Oscar Awards and winner of three trophies at the Berlin International Film Festival.

Gloria tells the story of a middle-aged woman facing the onset of old age and the complications it brings.

According to Lasso, every film presents a distinct way of absorbing and demonstrating life, from a Latin American perspective.


The Listing for July

Corazón de León – Argentina – Monday 7

Los viajes del viento – Colombia, Holanda, Argentina, Alemania – Tuesday 8

7 Cajas – Paraguay – Wednesday 9

Revolución – Argentina – Thursday 10

Pescador – Ecuador – Monday 14

En el nombre de la hija – Ecuador – Tuesday 15

Amor y Frijoles – Honduras – Wednesday 16

Gloria – Chile – Thursday 17