Letter to Editor: Nosara’s Two Wildlife Centers

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Although the Refuge for Wildlife and the SIBU Sanctuary work together, the two wildlife centers are not one unique entity as many of the people in Nosara think. Addressing this difference is important to avoid confusion in the community.

Nosara is very fortunate in having two Wildlife Centers that share a common mission of protecting and preserving Nosara’s wildlife. Each of these organizations were founded by exceptional women – Brenda Bombard and Vicki Coan  – who shared a similar passion about saving the local Howler monkeys. For many years, both dedicated organizations have rescued, rehabilitated and released wildlife back into their native habitats. Both are registered with the Costa Rican Government, work with ICE (the electrical provider), MINAET (Ministry of Energy and Environment), local veterinarians, biologists and other community services.

The Nosara Refuge for Wildlife (, founded by Brenda Bombard in 1999 acts as first responders, rescuing and rehabilitating injured, orphaned and displaced wildlife, with the goal of returning them to their jungle homes as soon as possible. Young orphaned or displaced animals are raised initially here at the Nosara Refuge for Wildlife and when ready, are transferred to another facility, Nosara Wildlife Sanctuary at SIBU , where they begin their reintegration to the jungle.

Nosara Wildlife Sanctuary at SIBU (, founded by Vicki Coan, serves as a care and rehabilitation facility and a “step down release center” for the reintroduction of animals back into the jungles. Large habitats also serve to house life term animals that cannot be released due to handicap or humanization due to the pet trade.

Although their mission is a shared one, both organizationsoperate independently from one another. Both offer educational visits by advance reservations to raise awareness for the need of wildlife conservation