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Living Cafe Has New Management and New Menu

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This season, Living Cafe, located at the Living Hotel in Nosara, changed management and came up with a completely different menu, prepared by Canadian Anne Catherine Patry. They have added meat to the menu now, although there are still vegetarian options.

The chia plate is a good choice for breakfast (¢4,500 or $8.50), although it isn’t for everyone since the dish has a lot of texture. Chia seeds are hydrated in almond milk, acquiring a smooth texture, served in a bowl with goji berries, cacao beans, shredded coconut and fresh fruit.

Another breakfast option is gluten-free waffles (¢4,500 or $8.50), served in pieces in a glass jar with layers of whipped cream, granola, strawberries, chocolate and homemade jelly.

For lunch, there are many options. One is the medium-cooked tuna sandwich for ¢6,000 ($11.30), prepared in a soy and wasabi sauce with sesame seeds and served on homemade bread with homemade coconut chips. Another dish is “dassit” ¢6,000 ($11.30), consisting of flat naan bread, made from wheat with homemade chicken marinated in a garlic and lemon sauce, served with mint leaves, almond slivers and dill.

There are also smoothies (¢3,500 or $6.60), energy shots (¢2,000 or $3.75), coffee and freshly squeezed juices. If you like coconut, we recommend the Cocana, which has dates, coconut, coconut oil and banana. Make your own smoothie for ¢2,000 ($3.75) with two organic fruits.

The good: The ingredients are high quality, healthy food and products are organic. Breakfast can be ordered all day.

The bad: Some dishes are too expensive and very heavy.

Hours: 7:30 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Phone: 8377-0037