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Local Cooperative Coopeguanacaste Donates 2,000 Trees to Community Organizations

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Aware of the importance of allying with organized groups in the community in order to develop sostenible projects that protect the environment, Coopeguanacaste R.L. donated 2,000 trees of native species to several community organizations.


Groups that received tree donations include education centers, development associations, rural aqueduct administration associations, Red Cross committees and some companies associated with the local cooperative. The trees will be used to develop projects whose principal interests are conserving Guanacaste ecosystems.


In an event at the Coopeguanacaste Convention Center in Santa Cruz, members of the  community groups that benefited from the donation signed a commitment to plant, maintain and take good care of the trees so that they contribute to reforestation and help protect water sources.


The species that were donated are: Guanacaste, black cortez, yellow cortez, cedar, espavel and others.


During the first half of the year, Coopeguanacaste received tree donation requests from from several community groups.


The cooperative’s support for these types of initiatives started in 2010 and to date it has donated more than 100,000 trees, all of native species.


Representatives from the Ministry of Public Education’s regional office and members of the Ministry of the Environment and Energy also attended the event at the Convention Center in Santa Cruz.