Long-Awaited Fire Truck Is Now in Nosara

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Since January 20th, Nosara firefighters now have a professional firetruck that was brought from the United States.

The truck was donated by Americans Emmi Cooper and Peter Leonard.  The town has joined together over the past eight months in activities such as Taste of Nosara, horseback rides and other fundraisers to get the money to cover the $8,000 cost of transporting the truck to Costa Rica, to pay customs taxes and to bring it from the port to Nosara.

Jo Pinheiro, Nosara volunteer firefighter, thinks this fire truck will be of great benefit to the district since they had to wait for trucks from Nicoya in an emergency.

“In an emergency, we had to wait an hour to an hour and a half for the fire truck from Nicoya. Now we can go immediately. It is very important for Nosara to be able to count on their own truck. This will help us do our job better,” Pinheiro said.

The truck has a 3000-liter water tank, hoses and a ladder.