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Los Lobos Won Soccer Tournament with a $1000 Price

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The Lobos team, composed of 10 guys from Cantarana and Canto de los Gavilanes neighborhood, won the local beach soccer tournament held in front of Tabanuco Bar and Restaurant in Samara, with a grand prize of 500,000 colones ($1000).

On Saturday, March 15, the semifinals of the tournament began at 5 p.m., and the top two teams, the Lobos and Choco’s, faced off in the finals at 8 p.m., with an audience of about 200 people gathered around the illuminated playing field. The final game was close, with a final score of 6 to 5.

The tournament lasted for month and a half, with 9 teams participating, mostly from downtown Samara but also from the communities of Matapalo and Cuesta Grande. Teams paid a registration fee of 30,000 colones, and 12 businesses sponsored the tournament. 

Luis “Lingo” Lopez Arias, a waiter at Tabanuco who helped organize the tournament and served as referee, related that one day when there was nothing to do, sitting around a table at Tabanuco, they began talking about holding a soccer match and offering a crate of beer as the prize. However, they decided beer wasn’t the best prize, and instead cash was offered.

This is the second tournament organized by Tabanuco, and the third is scheduled for June and July, when they hope to have even more teams participate. He also mentioned that the Federation of Beach Soccer has called to invite them to go to San Jose to play in a national beach soccer competition, and they are waiting to get more details about participating with the federation.