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Luis Guillermo Solis: “Within a Year We Will Come Back to See you All”

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President Luis Guillermo Solis signed five decrees as part of the Annexation of the District of Nicoya by the Free State of Costa Rica, attending to needs that he considers to be urgent for the province of Guanacaste. He also committed to coming back “within a year to see you all.”

The president signed the documents during the Municipal Council of Nicoya’s session, which was held at the pavilion in Recaredo Briceño park. Some 800 people were in attendance for the event.

The session started with words from Juan Luis Aguirre, the municipal council’s president, who welcomed the government authorities and said, “Nicoya today is the historic home capital of the government.”

Next, Marco Jimenez, municipal mayor, asked the president for approval of the Coastal Communities Territories (TECOCOS) bill and for more housing projects for the canton.

Later, Marta Arauz, a Guanacaste congresswoman, took the stage and told the president, “We want to have water,” referring to the drought in the province. She thanked the government for the intervention that will be implemented in the coming months on route 160 between Nosara and Samara.

In addition, Arauz told the president of her concern about unemployment in Nicoya and 2300 of the canton’s families who are in need of good housing.

For his part, Councilor Rodolfo Orozco presented an award and a declaration of “Favorite Sons of the Canton of Nicoya” to Eduardo Li, president of the Costa Rican Soccer Federation.

No player or member of the technical staff from Costa Rica’s national soccer team attended the event, despite being named favorite sons by the municipal council.

In addition, Orozco informed Li that the municipality would be willing to donate land to develop a future Project Goal in Nicoya. Li responded that the federation does not have money but that they will present the initiative to the government to find the resources needed.

Finally, the president signed five decrees regarding water, culture, energy, an oil moratorium and agricultural production.

The ceremony ended with the singing of the Hymn of the Annexation, led by the SINEM Municipal band.

The President’s Most Notable Comments

“We don’t want the same thing that happened with the shortcut to happen with water.”

“Water issues require a process of inter-institutional ordering.”

“We haven’t come to promise but instead to recognize and take immediate action.”