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Man Caught with Stolen Computers in Nosara

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A man with the last names Zamora Montoya was caught by the Tourist Police of Guiones, Nosara, with two laptops and an iPhone on the evening of Tuesday, May 12th.

According to the police report, the incident occurred at 9 p.m., in the northern area of Guiones Beach.

The owner of the computers, was dining on the second floor of his house. When he went downstairs, he noticed that his computers were missing and that the thief had entered through the back door of the house.

He immediately called the Tourist Police to file a report and gave them a description of a suspicious-looking man that he had seen on Tuesday morning.
Police officers located Zamora Montoya, 33 years old, near the Nosara Yoga Institute bus stop, apparently waiting for someone. He tried to escape through the woods.

The man who was arrested is of Nicaraguan nationality and came from San Jose, where he had already served a sentence in a penitentiary for theft.

Zamora Montoya is being held at the Nicoya District Attorney’s Office, waiting to be given preventive prison.

“He is waiting for them to give him preventive prison, because since [Montoya Zamora] requested a public defender, the Embassy of Nicaragua has to assign him one,” said Carlos Eduardo Alvarado Navarro, chief of the Guiones Tourist Police.


  • Note: this article has been modified from its original version. Victim´s name is not Montiel.