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Man Stabs Neighbor in Garza Fighting Over a Beer

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What started as a round of drinks among neighbors turned into a street brawl, leaving one seriously injured in Garza Beach of Nosara.

The incident occurred at about 3 p.m. near Super Araya # 4 on Sunday, April 5th.

According to reports from neighbors, the argument started because a man with last name Bustos Carrillo, who lives in Garza, didn’t want to contribute part of the money to buy one of the rounds of beer.

Therefore, a woman name Diaz, who was in the group, told Bustos that he should not drink during that round. Bustos reacted badly to Diaz’s comment and allegedly even threatened to hit her.

That’s when a man name Hernandez, Diaz’s brother-in-law, spoke up in her defense and got involved the argument against Bustos. In the heat of the fight, Hernandez used a screwdriver that he had stored in his vehicle as a weapon to attack Bustos, first in the chest and then in the abdomen.

Ronald Kooper, first aid assistant with the Red Cross of Nosara, who took charge of the emergency, confirmed that Bustos was taken to the La Anexion Hospital in delicate condition and had two wounds: one at the level of the thorax and the other on the left side of one of his ribs.

For his part, Juan Antonio Eras, chief of the Public Force for the canton, said that when they arrived at the scene, Hernandez was not there.

“When the Public Force arrived, the aggressor [Hernandez] was not there. The Public Force searched for the subject, who is known in the area. He was not located but we know where he lives,” said Eras.

In addition, Eras reported that depending on the complaint filed by Bustos, the Public Ministry could order an arrest warrant for Hernandez.

Meanwhile, Roxana Badilla, an official with emergency services for La Anexion Hospital, specified that Bustos was admitted to the medical center at 4:46 p.m. and by the evening was in observation  in stable condition.