Marcos Avila Re-Elected as President of ADIN

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On Saturday, July 19, the Nosara Development Association (ADIN – Asociacion de Desarrollo Integral de Nosara) held a meeting to elect its new board of directors. Businessman Marcos Avila was re-elected as president for a term of two years.

Avila, who has held the ADIN presidency for four years, received 107 votes in his favor, while his opponent Rufino Ramirez only received 12.

“Many thanks. I do not think that we have disappointed you, and we will not disappoint you. There are still a lot of important projects that for which we are going to fight and work until we can complete them,” said Avila after the votes were counted.

The election was held in the multipurpose facility in Nosara at 3 p.m., with 161 associates present.

In addition to Avila, Martin Chacon was re-elected as vice president, Juan Luis Ramirez as treasurer, Jorge Arrieta as secretary. Anabelle Alvarez, who had held the fiscal position (in charge of oversight), was elected as second vocal (a voting member that serves to fill any potential vacancies for other positions).

The fiscal position is now held by Johny Chacon, Marina Cordero was elected to the post of first vocal, and the third vocal is now Mario Reyes.


Work Report

Before the election, Marcos Avila presented a work report for the 2013-2014 period, in which several projects stood out, including the construction of the multipurpose facility, the agreement with SINEM allowing the district to have its own music school, and the Nosara dam.

For his part, Juan Luis Ramirez presented the treasurer’s report in which he reported ¢139 million ($278,000) in revenue. However, expenses totaled ¢135 million ($270,000), leaving a current balance of just ¢4 million ($8,000) for the organization.

Development associations are legal entities that receive payments from the annual budget allocation for communities, which is 2% of all income taxes collected.