Marta Arauz: “Route 160 is a Priority and I’m Committed to Making MOPT Hear It”

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The Guanacaste representative Marta Arauz Mora, of the National Liberation Party (PLN – Partido Libercion Nacional), met with residents of Nosara on Sautrday, June 14, to report on upcoming work to advance urgent projects for the Nicoya canton.

The meeting was held in the multipurpose building in Nosara. In attendance were members of the Nosara Development Association (ADIN – Asociacion de Desarrollo Integral de Nosara), the Nosara Civic Association (NCA) and residents of the community.

During the encounter, the representative expressed her commitment to set up meetings between the community and Carlos Segnini, the current chief of the Ministry of Public Works and Transportation (MOPT – Ministerio de Obras Públicas y Transportes).

Currently, some 30 kilometers of road between Samara and Nosara have fallen into disrepair, making passage difficult for vehicles and putting the safety of travelers at risk. The road’s conditions are worsening as the rainy season continues.

Arauz assured the audience that the topic of infrastructure is urgent for Nicoya, listing priorities including route 160, between Nosara and Samara, route 157, along the stretch known as “the old road” in La Mansion, and continuing work on road 150 in the district of San Antonio.

“I submitted route 160 as a priority, submitted the old road in Mansion, and the continuation of the asphalt on the highway in the third district of San Antonio,” explained Arauz.

The PLN deputy affirmed that she will be insistent regarding the theme of highways with the current MOPT minister. “We are going to exhaust the subject of highways with the minister to see if we can get them to fix the road,” she indicated.

For his part, Marco Avila, Nosara’s syndic and president of ADIN, described the meeting with Arauz as positive, despite the fact that she was the only one present out of all the Guanacaste representatives that had been invited.

Avila stated that on July 2, they will have a meeting with MOPT leadership and representatives of Guanacaste to discuss continuing the asphalt on route 160.

In addition, Avila said that, given the lack of response from CONAVI authorities regarding the promised maintenance of route 160, several community organizations and businesses are raising money and working to repair some six kilometers of road between Cafe de Paris and downtown Nosara.