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Massive Arrival of Tourists Caused Water Outages in Nosara

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An abundance of tourists caused a series of water outages in some areas of Nosara this past holiday season.

Carl Wells, a member of the American Project’s ASADA in Nosara, reported that during the the December 24-31 festivities, at least two outages were reported due to excessive usage.

According to Wells, the sections with highest consumption are K, J, H, I, which are areas with the majority of hotels and rental properties for tourists.

“Despite the fact that the wells are functioning properly, the high water usage, along with regular users, created the water shortages,” assured Wells.

In addition, Guillermo Hernandez, the ASADA’s administrator, indicated that one of the pumps for the wells had technical problems. That led to the lack of service for several hours during the festivities.

Wells said that they’re hoping for a return to normal service everywhere during the first week of January, following the departure of tourists.

Wells explained that the ASADA’s members are working on near-term solutions, such as education regarding water conservation. In the long term they’re planning to improve the plumbing and pipes – which in some cases are up to 40 years old, causing “invisible leaks” of water. Meanwhile, they’re considering the option of drilling new wells, despite the fact that, according to studies and estimates done by AyA, the Association’s nine current wells are enough to supply user demand.