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Medical Tower in Anexion Hospital Will Open in Early 2016

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Although the construction of the new Medical Tower of the Anexion Hospital was planned to be ready by the end of 2015, people who want to use its services will still have to wait until the first trimester of 2016, when it is estimated that the structure will be ready.

This was announced by Diego Coto Ramirez, spokesman for the Costa Rican Social Security Fund (CCSS), who explained that the opening date is scheduled for the first trimester of 2016.

Construction began in January of 2014 and more than ¢6 billion ($11,400,000) has been invested to date.

The spokesman commented that the construction company Estructura S.A. should hand over the building “turnkey” style, which means that they should not only complete the construction but also fully furnish it.

The project also includes strengthening the old structure so construction will continue at the hospital throughout 2016.

Contracts for Services Under Review

It should be pointed out that the construction of this building has not only brought hope that health services conditions will improve for patients, but has also brought contention due to the way in which the institution’s new personnel will be contracted.

On Tuesday, September 8th, some 75 Anexion Hospital workers went on strike over CCSS’s hiring private companies for cleaning and security services rather than directly hiring the workers for these positions.

However, on September 21st, the labor court of Nicoya declared the strike at La Anexion Hospital illegal, ending the movement.

Coto Ramirez took the opportunity to explain that even though private companies are hired for the areas of cleaning and service, “all direct medical services care is done by the institution (CCSS), and staff for the tower will be brought in for all areas.”

With regard to the dates of private contracts, the spokesman said that “they would be from April of 2016, and since it is a national public bidding, all potential bidders who are interested and meet the requirements of the bidding posting can participate.”

This means that businesses have not yet been contracted because the contracts are in the stage of being reviewed and will be published later for public bidding.

Regarding the budget available for the contracts, according to market research generated by the technical division, there is an estimated amount of ¢126,396 ($240) per year, which includes security and cleaning services.

Currently, the Nicoya hospital has 105 beds, and with the new medical tower, hospitalization capacity would be expanding to 136, as well as spaces for doctor’s offices and patient care. In addition, the five-story structure is intended to improve sanitation conditions, space and care in patient hospitalization areas.