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Melany Sequeira Vallejos Dies from Bone Cancer

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On Saturday morning, February 22, Melany Sequeira Vallejos was buried after losing a hard fight to bone cancer.

The brave 10-year-old girl from the beach community of Garza was described as studious by her mother, and she loved to play soccer.  

Melany was taken to the EBAIS Clinic in Nosara in early March, complaining of pain and swelling in one of her knees. X-rays later revealed a tumor and she was finally diagnosed with osteosarcoma in late April, when she was sent to the National Children’s Hospital in San Jose.

Dr. Orlando Urroz, director of the children’s hospital, explained to The Voice that osteosarcoma is a very aggressive type of cancer and the symptoms generally advance rapidly and with severity.

On July 22, the family was told that Melany’s leg would have to be amputated and afterward she received chemotherapy in an attempt to detain the tumor. The girl went time and again to San Jose for treatment with her parents, Rosa Vallejos and Carlos Sequeira. However, the chemotherapy did not work, and in December the family received the sad news that there was little hope. Her lungs were also affected by cancer. 

Although the family continued to hope for a miracle, according to Rosa Vallejos, they did what they could so that Melany would be comfortable and happy. They took her to the beach whenever she wanted, as well as to a swimming pool, and a woman in San Jose kindly took her to Pizza Hut. She also received her wish of going to see members of the popular TV show Combate live. 

“Thanks to God, she didn’t suffer much,” her mother said. Vallejos, age 48, has four other children. She told The Voice that the Sequeira -Vallejos family would like to express their gratitude to all of the people who have come to help and support them following Melany’s death.