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Microbar, The Paradise of Craft Beers

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Samara— There is a science to drinking beer. Drinking beer doesn’t have to be an ethylic vice, but rather it can bean experience of tasting different flavors and procedures arising from some grains.

Since last July, Samara has a place where you can drink a glass of beer that can become a savory ritual. Microbar Samara is a new complex with more than 22 types of craft beers.

The bar works with Costa Rican breweries La Burja, Dry Season, La Selva, Fercas Brew House, Costa Rica’s Craft Brewing Company and Tierra Fertil. All of the beers cost ¢1,200 ($2.25) for a medium glass and ¢2,200 ($4.15)for a large glass.

The place is small, with walls decorated with wallpaper and projections presented on the ceiling. According to Andres Bluvol, one of the bar’s owners, the idea is for the space to be cozy and for those who come alone to be able to find company in no time.

One of the attractions of Microbar are thebeertails, which are cocktails made from craft beer. All of them cost ¢3,200 ($6). One of the popular beertails is the Knock Knock, made with dark rum, lime juice and Selva Castaña beer. Another is the Piranha, which contains agave nectar, orange juice and Selva Dorada beer.

Although they don’t have an exact date, Bluvol commented that they will be including restaurant service, but for now, they only have snacks. One of them is the famous Argentine empanadas that are priced at ¢1400 ($2.65).

Hours:Daily from 4 p.m. to 12 a.m.
Contact: 8784-7467
The Good:

All of the craft beers are produced in Costa Rica. In addition to beer, they sell all kinds of liquor.
The Bad:

They do not accept credit card.