Ministry of Health: Dengue Cases Diminish Nationwide

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The Minister of Health, Daisy Corrales, announced that the number of dengue cases began to decline. She presented a chart showing a decrease in the curve of incidence going into the 34th week of the year, i.e mid-August.

According to government data, the number of cases peaked in week 29. Since then, the numbers began to fall and in the 34th week, 1,621 cases were recorded.

With regard to Nicoya, the canton most affected by dengue fever this year, Corrales said that the number of incidences dropped from 293 cases per week to 160 during the same period.

Nevertheless, 2013 continues to be the worst year on record for the amount of people sick with dengue. So far, authorities reported 31,111 cases this year.

The Minister stressed the need to maintain the cleanliness of homes and avoid mosquito breeding grounds, which has been shown to lower the incidence of dengue fever.

President Laura Chinhilla said that the key was the combination of the work of institutions and efforts focused on prevention. But she warned that these numbers should not cause people to drop their guard but rather to keep up the effort.

Corrales said that they used heavy equipment to fumigate 61,918 homes, involving 226,674 people. The Minister said that fumigation took place in different communities such as La Carpio, Triangulo de Solidaridad, Rincon Grande de Pavas, downtown Atenas, Nicoya, Mercedes and others.

Corrales said the Ministry of Health works with an ample institutional network that includes the ministries of labor, culture and education and other entities like the Mixed Institute for Social Assistance (IMAS) and Aqueducts and Sewage (AyA). She also announced that several embassies and churches will join in the work.