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More Than 100 People Went to Nicoya’s Muni to See New Cemetery Property’s Plans

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The Pro Cemetery Commission convened a meeting with the community of Nicoya on Wednesday, May 28 to explain the details of the land purchase where the city’s new cemetery would be located.

The meeting took place in the Casa de la Cultura (Cultural Center) of Nicoya and was attended by about 100 people, including city officials and community residents who came to voice their opinions and ask questions about the process of buying three acres of land owned by Mario Rojas Huertas, located in the Las Brisas del Cerro neighborhood.

The meeting was also attended by Roberto Chavez, the geologist in charge of the process, who explained through a series of slides the hydrogeological studies carried out on the property.

Chavez informed the audience about the evaluation of the type of soil, rock, topography and the saturated zone where the property’s water tables are located. These are more than 9 meters (about 30 feet) deep, which is considered a low degree of vulnerability for groundwater pollution.

However, the geologist’s explanations were followed by inquiries from those present, who mainly asked whether the property has the approval of the National Environmental Technical Secretary (SETENA- Secretaria Técnica Nacional Ambiental).

Jorge Quesada, who lives a few houses from the property that they intend to buy, spoke about the existence of springs on the property and the proximity of the Matabuey Creek. In addition, he stated that the property does not have anthropological studies.

In turn, Carlos Medina, council member who belongs to the Citizen Action Party (PAC), requested that Roberto Chavez show him the environmental viability permits from SETENA for the property. However, the geologist did not give him any document.

Likewise, Daniel Cardenas, who said he lives next to the property, said that when a significant amount of rain falls, it flows downhill from Cerro La Cruz, flooding the property. “It isn’t [just] water that comes down from there; it’s a river… The dead are going to drown there. There’s no way to remove that water,” he assured.

For his part, Rodolfo Orozco, council member who belongs to the National Liberation Party (PLN), reiterated that the General Comptroller’s Office issued a statement in March of this year that gave the go-ahead to continue with the process of purchasing the land.

Also, Santos Juarez, president of the Pro Cemetery Commission, indicated that the property has all of the hydrogeological studies and prior requisites for the purchase of the land, as established in the General Regulation of Cemeteries.

However, due to inquiries from neighbors, Santos Juárez explained that they will consult with SETENA before proceeding with the transfer of ownership to the municipality. “We are going to bring officials from SETENA to study the documentation that we have and give us more peace [of mind],” he said.