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More Than 3,000 People Attended Christmas Festival in Nosara

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The Nosara 2013 Cultural Festival was carried out with a completely full arena and the streets flooded with color, music and people.

For the second time, Nosara’s Integral Development Association (ADIN) organized the festival with the help of residents of La Esperanza, Garza, Delicias, Barco Quebrado and Nicoya who joined in for the family activities.

This year saw more action than last. The spectacle started with the Festival of Light, a parade of floats and bands, followed by traditional dances, a motocross event, fireworks and more.

The Festival of Light started at 6 p.m. at Super Nosara and proceeded to the bull ring, located just past the airport. Three bands and twelve floats lit up Nosara’s streets during the Christmas festival.

Floats were presented by the Costa Rican Electricity Institute (ICE), Almacén El Gollo, Rancho Tico, Environmental Classroom and Recycling Center, (Aula Ambiental and Centro de Acopio), Nosara’s Volunteer Firefigthers, Grupo Adulto Mayor, and the Arenales Development Committee, among others. Bands providing music included Unión Pampera, Bocas de Nosara High School, and Santa Marta School.


Decorated for Christmas

The festival was filled with a lot of optimism on the part of the organizers, participants and the general public. The majority of floats broadcasted a positive message.

Among the favorite floats of the night, Rancho Tico’s drew applause several times and was one of the largest, measuring almost five meters and doling out pizza and other food.

Bocas de Nosara High School stood out for presenting the beauty of the region and traditional fishing, emphasizing the message, “No to trawling,” also presenting students of the institution wearing mermaid costumes.

The Environmental Classroom and Recycling Center decorated their car with recycled waste and paraded through the arena motivating the public to join in recycling, for a cleaner Nosara. Nosara’s firefighters reminded spectators of the importance of security and controlling fires.

The mayor of Nicoya, Marco Jimenez, was present with his family during the ceremonial event. He congratulated the organizers for taking the initiative and gave his word that next year the municipal government would contribute resources for the event. “It seems that the least we can do here in Nosara is invest so that the festival continues to be this cheerful and upbeat,” he commented.

For his part, Marcos Avila, president of ADIN, emphasized that this year there had been better organization and more participation. “Last year’s festival took place where you couldn’t see the floats well; there was a lot of disorder. This time we brought people together in one place. A lot of businesses and people participated.”

Avila mentioned that the funds raised by ADIN will be used for communal projects.