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Motorcyclist without Helmet Dies in Accident in Nosara

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A tragic motorcycle accident on August 18 cost  Juan Felix Dias Castillo his life. The 40 year-old Nosara resident worked as a gardener at the 506 Tennis Center.

The accident happened near La Esperanza de Garza, 50 meters from the Academia del Sol elementary school around 3:30 p.m. The motorcycle, driven by Luis Arias Ruiz with Castillo as a passenger, collided head-on with a Toyota Radford truck, according to Nicoya Public Force Chief Omar Chavarria.

The truck was driven by Lauren Crimdiull, a teacher at a local private school, who was accompanied by two of her students, minors who witnessed the accident.

According to the police report, neither of the motorcycle riders was wearing a helmet. It is suspected that the driver was under the influence of alcohol, though that information could not be confirmed since an alcohol test was not performed.

Both were taken to La Anexion Hospital in Nicoya in critical condition. Diaz Castillo was then transferred to Mexico Hospital because he was in a state of neurological death. Hours later, he was declared dead. Arias suffered several fractures to his lower limbs and was hospitalized.

According to Nosara Red Cross workers Luis Vasquez and Isidro Lopez, the truck passengers were unharmed.

Patricia Jimenez, the mother of one of the minors who accompanied the teacher, was concerned by what had happened. “I am mad that my son’s life was put at risk by the negligence of someone who apparently was drinking and driving, taking away the peace [of mind] from the person who was driving [the truck], and who carries most of the weight [of responsibility] for the death of Felix, in addition to ruining a family’s life,” said Jimenez.

Chavarria called on drivers to be careful and wear helmets.

“Neither of the people on the motorcycle was wearing a helmet. Along with transportation authorities, we [the Public Force] carried out an operation on Saturday, August 23, in the Nosara area and we could see that almost none of the motorcyclists wear helmets. I’m taking advantage [of this occasion] to call [on motorcyclists] to use all of the safety measures established by transportation laws,” indicated Chavarria.

According to Roxana Zuñiga, the victim’s cousin, La Esperanza de Garza residents took up a collection of money to help with the costs of Diaz Castillo’s funeral and to help the deceased’s family.