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Motorcyclists Heated Up Their Engines in Belen of Nicoya

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Around 9 a.m. on Sunday, July 14, the sound of engines revving up was heard in La Pradera finca in Belen of Nicoya.

At that time, the competitors were starting the seventh round of the Guanacaste Motocross Championship on a track of about 1 kilometer in length. About 40 participants came from places like Monteverde, San Carlos and San Ramon, among others.

“We evaluate the level of the racers to determine the category they belong in, but participation is open and the cylinder capacity of the bike does not matter. The only requirement is that all riders must wear safety equipment and pay a fee of 3000 colones ($6) for the awards, and there is a little insurance in case of an accident,” explained Jose Luis Gonzales Mora, one of the event organizers and judges.

The competition had six categories, each one 10 to 15 minutes long, and at the end of the tournament there was a trophy and a cash prize for first, second and third place. In these categories, children raced for 10 minutes, while novices had 12 minutes and pre-experts and experts had 15 minutes.

While the sport has often been considered a “man’s sport,” this competition also featured the participation of some women, who showed on the runway that they are as passionate and capable as any man even though the race exclusivly for women didn’t take place by mutual agreement of the participants.


List of Winners, Sunday, July 14th



José Leonardo Arguedas             50pts

Alberto Elizondo “Taca Taca”      44pts

Roiner Santamaría                       40pts



José Miguel Hernández                47pts

Alberto Elizondo “Taca Taca”       45pts

Roiner Santamaría                        40pts



Fabio Arias                                   45pts

Allan Campos                               44pts

Pablo Venegas                              36pts


85 cc

Javier Jiménez                               50pts

Andrés Zeledón                            44pts

Karina Arias                                  40pts


50 cc

Jesús Elías Venegas                      50pts

Eider Manuel Arias                        44pts

Juan Carlos Venegas                     38pts