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Mountain Biking Takes Hold in Nosara

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Over the last few months, mountain biking has been gaining popularity in Nosara, as demonstrated this past Sunday, August 10, when 21 cyclists traveled from Nosara to the community of Guayabo de Bagaces to participate in the second Trails of Miravalles recreational ride.

The group of cycling enthusiasts (Mountain Bike – MTB) stayed in different hotels in the area the day before the event, in order to arrive with more energy. Members included Edwin Hernandez, a 22 year-old biker who always performs well in the events in which he participates.

Now, Hernandez is preparing to participate in the “Cobaride” in Cobano, Puntarenas, on August 24. In addition to the recreational bike ride, Hernandez will try to win the event’s competitive race, for which there is a prize pool of $1,000.

The group of “cleteros,” as they call themselves, is made up of men and women that train independently for each competition. They organize themselves a few days before events, as they have to consider their transportation and lodging.

Normally, the cost of registration in the recreational events is ₡7,000 ($13). The sports other costs include transportation and food, in addition to maintaining bicycles, uniforms and other equipment in perfect condition, which is necessary to be able to survive the 25, 30 and even 40 kilometers of a typical race.

Each time they participate in an event, the group strives to make it clear where they come from, always representing Nosarans with pride and motivating them more in their cycling adventures.