Muni Installed New Drainage in Nosara and Samara

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The Municipality of Nicoya has contracted several companies to install drainage in areas of Nosara and Samara.

In Nosara, the company MABE expanded the road and placed 2,500 cubic meters of material, with a total budget of 5.6 million colones ($11,200), according to the Road Management Technical Unit (UTGV).

Meanwhile, in Samara Transportes Falquesa worked on the route from Matapalo to Santo Domingo with a total of 14.5 million colones ($29,000), which included placement of 62.5 meters of pipe and 152 cubic meters of fill material.

In addition, according to Ivan Cubillo, an official with UTGV, the company RAASA is in charge of mechanically patching the Matapalo-Santo Domingo route.

The installation of these drainage systems is essential in rainy season because it allows rainwater to be channeled properly and reduces the risk of flooding in communities.