Municipality To Investigate The Parque Pico Pequeño Case in Tamarindo

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The Santa Cruz Municipal Council named a commission to investigate the situation surrounding Parque Pico Pequeño in Tamarindo and the concession authorized for the construction of a restaurant and coffee shop on the same place.

In April, 2016, the Municipal Council declared the Parque Pico Pequeño, located between boundary markers 127 and 128 (public zone), as a project of public interest. However, the area between boundary markers 126 and 127 is “a multi-use tourism zone” and was offered in concession to Elder Antonio López on December 11, 2003.

According to Law 6043 (Maritime Terrestrial Zone) construction is allowed in this space, which is why on February 28 of this year the Municipality issued construction permits to López.

In the face of this confusion, a group of local residents protested during the Municipal Council session. Construction on the restaurant has already begun and, according to residents, two coconut palm trees in the park’s space were torn down.

According to the mayor, María Rosa López, the project’s development has never been in danger because this is a commitment they acquired from the previous administration.

Council members created this commission in order to provide followup and on the advice of their legal advisor; the Council is not legally able to detain or cancel a concession that has all requirements approved.