Mural Festival in Santa Cruz Seeks Sponsors

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The group Artes Visuales is seeking sponsors for the third edition of its mural festival, Santa Cruz Vive 2018.

The project aims to paint eight walls of homes and businesses in downtown Santa Cruz, Guanacaste and pay tribute to the culture and nature in the canton.

In order to do so, the organizers say they need a total of ¢29 million ($51,000) for labor and supplies.

The sponsorships can be with money but they can also be supplies,” said José Jackson Guadamuz, a member of the group. “For example, in the 2017 edition all the paint was donated. City hall also pitched in ¢6 million ($10,500).

Those interested in supporting the event can call the following numbers to coordinate donations: 8973-3205 or 8428-9008

Beautifying with art

Certain that the support will come in, José Jackson explained to the Santa Cruz city council that they already have eight walls that have been donated for painting. One of them, though, requires local government approval.

“We want to paint the acoustic shell in the park. We already have the sketch of what it will look like,” Guadamuz said. “We are confident the city will help us by giving us permission.”

The painting planned for the amphitheatre will focus on four central elements in the Chorotega region: the lizard, the monkey, the snake and the jaguar.

Other paintings will allude to music and masquerades, Coopeguanacaste history and the bajura flower, a typical flower of the region.

The works are scheduled to start in September and last fourth months.

What we are seeking with these murals is to rescue and strengthen the Santa Cruz identity while contributing to tourism at the same time,” the spokesman said. “Imagine people coming here to appreciate art. It also helps education citizens and highlights national and local talent.”

During the 2017 edition, 16 walls of homes and businesses were painted in the canton. Each wall had an art director for each group of participants who was in charge of directing the works with a previously drawn sketch.