Museo de Guanacaste Benefits From Eco Tourism Operators

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R.A.W. and One Love Generation partner with the Museo de Guanacaste to work on renovation and beautification projects for this historic Costa Rican landmark.

On July 13th, six teen artists from One Love Generation (OLG) traveled to Liberia, located on the northwestern edge of Costa Rica. Here, in partnership with RAW Tours, they created a heart opening experience and lasting impact on the community through the arts.

The Museo de Guanacaste, once an armory, and then criminal housing center, has ongoing plans for renovated into a museum and community gathering space. In its current state, the museum looks deserted; this is where RAW Tours and OLG have stepped up to lend their help and expertise.

The focal point of collaborative the art and beautification projects were centered on the installation of a mural, within the confines of the museo. The goal was to transform the space into a more inviting and welcoming environment. With the help of local teen artists, various projects were completed including: the installation of a mural, building a message board in the plaza, and building a table composed of found materials.

Kattya Lomel, Operations Director with R.A.W., had this to say: “Perhaps the most exciting moments for us were the exchange of culture that took place between the OLG participants and the residents of our local community. It is truly amazing to see the good that comes out young adults opening up and selflessly working together for the greater good of our town here in Liberia.”

OLG and RAW are planning to form a long-lasting relationship with the arts community of Liberia.