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Nachos Trap Nosarans

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Nacho’s Food Place, located across from the soccer field in Nosara, has become a meeting point for Nosarans, offering good service, hearty portions and affordable prices for anyone’s budget.

Glenda Lopez and her husband Fernando Araya opened the business in November of 2012, selling grilled chicken and ceviche.

Their nachos are one of the most popular dishes. They can come with beef, chicken or a mix and include refried beans, cheddar cheese and chimichurri (tomato, cilantro, onion and citrus juice combined into a salsa) for ¢2,000 ($4).

The classic hamburger has lettuce, tomato, cheese and onion and costs ¢1,600 ($3.20). Diners can order it with seasoned potato wedges for ¢2,200 ($4.40). “Supreme” fries are also available for ¢1,800 ($3.60) and are served covered with ground beef, cheddar cheese, sour cream and tomato.

The restaurant also offers three kinds of ceviche (from ¢1,500 to ¢3,500 or $3 to $7), including fish, shrimp or a mix, served with fried plantains, soda crackers or tortilla.

Those who like the flavor of grilled chicken can order an entire chicken, half or quarter portions (¢7,600, ¢3,900 and ¢2,200 or $15.20, $7.80, and $4.40, respectively) with tortillas and plantain ceviche, the house garnish. A good option for groups is to order a whole chicken and add a side dish such as guacamole, fried plantains or onion rings for ¢1,000 ($2).

In June, Lopez purchased a Cosechas franchise, and now a small shop offering a variety of healthy, pure fruit smoothies is located next to Nachos Place.

Tel: 2682-5550

Open: 11-3 p. m. y 6-10 p. m.

Find the restaurant on Facebook: Nacho’s Place