Nandayure Has An Option No Other Guanacaste Canton Has: Buying Bus Tickets Online

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Starting two weeks ago, los nandayureños now have the privilege of leaving long lines behind by buying bus tickets online.

Although we’re well into 2016, the website allows riders to buy tickets for advance dates, pay with credit or debit cards and even choose their own seats.  

The initiative was the idea of two brothers from Pérez Zeledón, Esteban and Alejandro Quesada, and San José resident Joel Ramírez.

“I wanted a platform that centralized bus companies’ supply and demand in the same place,” industrial engineer Esteban Quesada said.

The website already offers tickets for destinations including Montezuma, Santa Teresa, Paquera, Cóbano, Monteverde and Paquera.

How Does It Work?

To use the service, go to the website and choose the departure and arrival locations.

Next, select the date you wish to travel and the time from a list of available hours. The platform will display the available seats.

Fill out a form with the information and a bus design will appear, where you can choose your seat. Finally, fill in credit or debit card information and you will receive confirmation by email that you can then show the driver from your mobile phone.

A service fee is added to the cost of the trip. For Nandayure, the service fee is ¢500.