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Narco Family Arrested in Playa Marbella

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The Drug Control Police (PCD – Policia de Control de Drogas) of the Ministry of Public Security arrested a six-person family on June 22 that allegedly sold illegal drugs in Playa Marbella and in the area of Cuajiniquil de Santa Cruz de Guanacaste. All six members were detained near the soccer field in Marbella.

The suspects included a woman with the last name Barboza, a 55 year-old and leader of the group, and her two daughters, with the last names Mora Tardencilla and Gutierrez Tardencilla, who are 30 and 31 years old, respectively. Also detained were two men – one with the last names Foster Stephenson, age 30, and another with the last names Gutierrez Sequiera, a 27 year-old. The sixth person arrested was a 17 year-old youth.

At the time of arrest, the suspects possessed 141 doses of marijuana, 20 of cocaine, and ₡150,000 ($300) resulting from drug sales. They were taken to the criminal court in Santa Cruz, where they will face charges of violating psychotropic laws (selling drugs).