National Registry Cancels Administrative Warnings on 40 Ranches in Esperanza de Nosara

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The real estate situation in Nosara is starting to get straightened out. For the second time this year, Costa Rica’s National Registry has lifted some of the administrative warnings issued on 618 properties. This time, the registry cancelled warnings on 40 ranches in the Esperanza de Nosara sector.

The National Registry delivered the good news to property owners on Aug. 29 after nearly a year and a half of investigation, which began in May 2015. The changes can be viewed at the public agency’s website.

What Are Administrative Warnings?

An administrative warning is a type of “registry publicity” that serves to inform property owners and other parties that internal administrative processing or investigations are being conducted to determine the possible existence of registry anomalies.

They are an indirect result of a judicial complaint filed in 2010 by the public limited company Custodias de Propiedades Guanacasteca SA, which claims ownership of a 229-hectare estate located on part of Playa Guiones and all of La Tigra ranch in the mountains behind Guiones.

Following the company’s complaint, which targeted 86 properties, the National Registry produced a 217-page registry report, completed in 2014.

The study discovered anomalies that prompted precautionary measures to be issued for properties claimed by the company, along with 532 other properties.

No Overlap

This is the second group of properties cleared by the registry and cadastral study being conducted by the National Registry of 618 properties that received administrative warnings in May 2015. The first group is located in part of Playa Pelada de Nosara, in an area known as “Sector C.”

For the ranches located in the community of Esperanza, the National Registry report states that the study conducted by one of its experts found no overlap with the properties claimed by the company.

The expertise by the cadastral specialist … allowed the ruling out of parceling contradictions. … It is prudent to rescind precautionary measures.”

Step By Step

The 40 properties that had administrative warnings removed originally were located within a lot whose blueprints were created in 1972 as part of the original real estate project planned for Nosara, which included Playa Guiones and its mountains, Playa Pelada and its hills and part of Esperanza.

In its Aug. 29 announcement, the National Registry clarified that four ranches are still within the 1972 blueprints, and precautionary measures will continue for them because registry anomalies were discovered. (See attached document with property details.)

In an interview last May with The Voice of Guanacaste, the directors of the Property Registry and the Cadastral Registry said the investigation of all properties with administrative warnings in the Playas de Nosara area will continue sector by sector. They asked property owners to remain patient.