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Natural Tico Food in Soda Pura Vida

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Pura Vida Soda belongs to Nicoyan siblings Clarita and Firlander Barrantes. They first opened their soda more than 7 years ago. Since then, they have been dedicated to offering their customers homefood made with love and creativity.

The original idea was for the soda to be something differnt from any others and initially they offered only vegetarian dishes. When they moved to their current location, they decided to expand the concept and incorporate meats into the menu, always keeping the food as natural as possible. At the same time, they opened a macrobiotic store to complement their business with this vision of healthy living.

The soda now offers all kinds of food on its menu. Brown rice, salads, soups, casados, pasta, and all the dishes maintain style of healthy homemade food. They don’t use sauces or condiments, just natural herbs and spices.

Cream soups stand out on their menu. They offer squash, spinach and lentils. They are unique in the area and are not easily found in other restaurants of Nicoya. The squash cream includes a secret ingredient that has made it famous with both their local and foreign customers.

In each dish, they try to fuse distinct flavors. The tropical salad is topped with alfalfa, pineapple and strawberry. They use fresh fruits, that are cut up at the time of preparation. The list of fruit smoothies has more than 15 options, some of which can be blended with soy milk as well as with water or cow’s milk.

This family business stands out among others in the area because of the love and creativity they put into their dishes. The Barrantes siblings take good care of their customers and are always striving to make sure the service is like home, the best.

Address: 275 meters east of the municipality, Nicoya Guanacaste Tel : 2685-3017. Open Monday through Saturday for breakfast, lunch and cake in the afternoon.