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New Accident Claims Life of Young Motorcyclist in Nosara

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Accidents can happen anywhere, and this time one claimed the life of Keilor Gomez Matarrita, a young man from Ostional of Santa Cruz, who died this morning, Tuesday, December 30, when the motorcycle he was riding collided with a Toyota truck driven by a man with the last names Santos Matarrita.

Gomez Matarrita and another passenger were riding on the motorcycle in the vicinity of Santa Marta heading towards Ostional when the motorcycle collided head-on with the truck.

According to Adriana Camareno, from the Nosara Red Cross headquarters, when the relief unit arrived, Gomez Matarrita was dead.

“At about 11:30 [a.m.], we received a call about an accident in the vicinity of Santa Marta on the road to Ostional. When the Red Cross unit arrived at the scene, one of the motorcycle passengers was already dead and the other was taken to the [Nicoya] Hospital in critical condition,” Camareno indicated.

Members of the Public Force and Traffic Police were present at the scene.

“We responded to a call about an accident on the Nosara Highway to Ostional. For now, the information we have is that a person with the last names Gomez Matarrita, who was around 19 years old and lived in Ostional, lost his life. The motorcycle they were riding didn’t have license plates, and he was traveling with a companion, who was injured, but his identity is unknown so far,” said Marco Sandi of the Public Force.

We tried to get the version of the Transit Police, but they told us that the data about the incident had not yet been entered in their system.