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New Butcher in Samara Offers Cooked Meats

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Manuel Briceño Jimenez opened Carnicería La Colonial in downtown Samara three months ago. In Nicoya, he has another butcher’s shop with the same name 300 meters from the Alfaro bus station.

“Samara is a market we decided to enter because many customers we have in Nicoya told us to go to Samara. We wanted to cover that area and please our customers with a good product at the same prices as in Nicoya,” he said. Currently, they offer all types of cuts as requested by the customer.

Their meats aren’t just prepackaged; they buy them from different companies like El Arreo, Montecillos, Cusimas and Grupo Jico. La Colonial also offers cooked meats like chicharron, or pork rinds. Briceño told us: “You know that Guanacastecans love chicharron, both rind and meat.

The meaty style is not as typical of the area. We started to bring it because it has a very good flavor and there is a big market in the metropolitan area. Even a lot of Americans like chicharron.”

He considers it important to keep traditions, even in food, so he lowered his prices a bit to satisfy his customers. La Colonial’s chicharron sells for 4000 colones ($8) per 1-kilogram bag.

They are currently working on a line of fried chicken that they want to incorporate into their sales and in the future they want to raise the chickens themselves.