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New Mountain Bike Trail Opens at Nicoya Polideportivo

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Mountain biking enthusiasts now have a new place to practice on a track that challenges them in a natural environment.

We’re talking about the new cross country track built this year in April in the Polideportivo sports complex facilities in Nicoya.

Armando Escobar, secretary of the Nicoyan Cycling Association (ANICI- Asociacion Nicoyana de Ciclismo), the group that coordinated setting up the track, reported that it is a 1400-meter (4600-foot) course with different obstacles for athletes.

“The track is for mountain biking or cross country. It has obstacles such as rocks, roots, uneven ground. The bicyclist has to be agile because the track is very technical,” Escobar explained.

“We wanted to do something in the sports complex so cyclists would have a place to train. Parents and members of the cycling team helped, and it was made with pick and shovel. People do not have to pay anything to use the track, just adhere to the hours and behave within the sports complex facilities,” Escobar said.

Escobar estimated that approximately ¢200,000 ($380) was invested in the work for this track.

In addition, in the future, they want to expand the track in order to have national and international competitions, for which the association will be evaluating the possibility of using some adjoining properties next to the Colegio Agropecuario (agricultural high school) of Nicoya.

The track is open from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m.