New Nicoa Market Building Couldn’t Handle the Rain

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After an investment of ¢73 million ($138,000), the Nicoa Market was inaugurated on February 6, 2015. Now, less than a year after its opening, those who use the building declared that it has severe damages.

A large portion of the ceiling is falling on the outside, the bathroom doors are in poor condition and a sink for washing outside are some of the damages that can already be seen at the site.

According to Margarita Fajardo, president of the Nicoa Market Association of Producers, the structure couldn’t even stand up to the first rains of the previous rainy season.

“During the first rains, the gutters collapsed and the water was diverted to the ceiling on the outside and since this ceiling material isn’t water-resistant, it practically fell, as can be seen from the outside,” explained Fajardo.

Municipal council member Carlos Medina visited the market and blamed the mayor’s office for not having properly supervised the work.

“I have had many disgruntled Nicoyans complaining to me about that building, which is literally falling apart. Honestly, I am embarrassed and angry at the same time, seeing that this work cost a lot of money and seeing that, due to lack of supervision from the mayor’s office, the work was done badly. It would appear that these materials were picked out of the trash,” argued Medina.

Adriana Rodriguez, vice mayor of Nicoya, clarified that maintaining the place is the responsibility of the market’s association of producers.

The basic maintenance work is the responsibility of the association. That is the agreement that was established with them. But since it isn’t cleaned, water was diverted and caused damage to the ceiling,” Rodriguez said.

According to Rodriguez, the work involved remodeling much of the old building like the floor, ceiling and the steel framework. The part of the structure that was made new is the entryway: walls and ceiling.

Rodriguez indicated that the municipality is going to make repairs during the month of January, but she warns members of the association that they need to pay for the building maintenance.