New Pavilion and Museum in Nicoya’s Park Will Be Meeting Center for Events

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The wait is over— the new pavilion and cultural museum at Recaredo Briceño Park in Nicoya are finally finished.

The ambitious project was completed in phases. First came the work on the colonial square, with a cost of ₡144 million ($288,000), which finished in March of 2013. The second phase then started with the construction of the new pavilion and ethnographic museum, valued at ₡125 million ($250,000) and financed by the Costa Rican Tourism Institute (ICT – Instituto Costarricense de Turismo), Banco Popular, the Ministry of Culture and the Municipality of Nicoya.

The museum is located beneath the new pavilion, in the basement, and is 15 meters long by 15 wide. It will house artifacts that are part of the canton’s history. According to Nicoya’s mayor, Marco Jimenez, entrance to the museum will be free and open to the public. In addition, there will be a municipal employee in charge of the facility.

During the third phase, sidewalks will be constructed and LED lamps will be installed that have a better lighting capacity. The hope is to make Nicoya’s park one of the most modern in Guanacaste.

According to Jimenez, “The goal is to make the park the ideal place for the canton’s big events, such as the fiestas for July 25th or the celebration in honor of the Virgin of Guadalupe in December.”

In addition, Jimenez said that there should be improvements to the plantings throughout the park, such as pruning trees or eliminating those that represent a danger to visitors.