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New Surf Magazine Launched in Nosara

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Glossy, high-quality surf photos are the main attraction of a new Nosara Shack Surf Magazine, which hit the shelves of about 20 different Nosara grocery stores and surf schools during the first week of July.

Graham Swindell, the magazine’s publisher, had already made flipbooks of surf photos and was encouraged by people to produce a magazine. The plan is to publish four issues a year, including a special photography-only issue with no advertising. 

Swindle promised that the photo-only issue will be something people want to have on their tables at home. The magazine has three main photographers: Matt Vaughan, the photo editor, Alfredo Barquero, a local surfer from Playa Pelada who now works as a photographer for the National Surf Circuit, and Swindell.

Another key member of the staff is Aminah Cittadella Jacobsen, who Swindell recruited as the magazine’s designer because of her clean graphic style. “We wanted our photography to stand out more than a cluttered magazine with lots of graphics,” he explained.

The magazine includes articles primarily about surfing and art, all somehow tied in with Nosara. “We’re staying true to Nosara. The articles are going to come from all over but it’s always going to kind of be predominant to Nosara. Nosara has it’s own appeal in the world,” he noted.

“We put a lot of pride and a lot of time into it. It’s better feedback than we ever imagined,” Swindell said.

The magazine has a cost of 2500 colones ($5) per issue to help defray the printing costs. An online flipbook based on the magazine should be available online for free during the second week of August at