NGO Seeks Resources to Take 100 Kids from Nosara to Space Expo

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Seeing spacesuits, helmets, original pieces of rockets or experiencing simulations of space travel could become a reality for 100 young people from Nosara schools and high schools.

Since June 1, the “Space, The Final Frontier” Gallery expo has been set up at the Costa Rican National Stadium, including 38 thematic stations with more than 300 items like original pieces and replicas of space devices, explanatory panels, interactive presentations, a collection of spacesuits and flight simulators.

Although the activity could be a remote possibility for Nosarans, the non-governmental organization (NGO) Letras del Alba is looking for financial support to transport the kids. According to Kattia Villalobos, a member of the organization, they already have support for lunch and admission tickets for 100 students, but they have not yet been able to raise the money for microbuses. The admission price is 4,500 colones ($8.50) for children and students and 10,000 ($18.80) for adults.



“These kinds of activities help inspire young people and give them an opportunity to dream. It is an excellent place to stimulate students through the values of innovation, technology, vision for the future, education and culture,” Villalobos said.

Kids will be selected from the elementary schools in Santa Marta of Nosara, Garza, Serapio Lopez School in downtown Nosara and Las Delicias of Garza, as well as Bocas de Nosara High School. They must show interest in the subject and have a good academic performance.

Although “Space, The Final Frontier” has been exhibited in other countries, Costa Rica has a room dedicated to space-related things that have been development in the country, like the plasma engine design developed by Costa Rican scientist Franklin Chang.

To help you can call the number 8377-5585 or write to the email [email protected]