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Nicaraguan Musicians Share Their Love Of Music With Nosara

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Now, while you can watch the colors of the sunset in Playa Guiones, you can enjoy the rhythms of marimba, boleros, tropical cumbias and folk music, thanks to the arrival of a trio of Nicaraguan musicians to Nosara, Pelada and Guiones.

The group Los Hermanos Solis, originally from Leon, Nicargua, emerged in the 90s and have traveled together to Honduras, El Salvador and now Costa Rica “looking for the life, and seeing how far we get,” as Marlon Solis puts it. He is the group’s singer and plays the marimba xylophone and sometimes the guitar.

When asked about how he got started with music, Marlon Solis commented that “it is a great achievement for me to sing to people because when I was little I did it with my dad. At the age of 8, I started playing the guitar and played with my dad.”

Meanwhile, his brother, Marvin Solis, guitarist and sometimes marimba player, related, “My brother taught me to play the marimba. I have been playing music for 17 years. Music comes to us as a legacy since our dad was a musician too. It took about a year to learn the basics of the marimba.”

The third member of the group, percussionist Luis Manuel Brenes, admitted, “I had a job in Nicaragua, but since childhood I have wanted to be a musician, all the time.” He also plays the guiro, a hollow gourd-like instrument with parallel notches along one side that is played by rubbing a stick or tines along the notches, and the Solis brothers are teaching him some guitar.

“For me, music is life, it is the most beautiful. Music lightens the spirit, the heart, everything,” said Brenes and, when asked what is the best part of live music, he said that people’s applause and affection is the most beautiful. “Since I came here, people have liked the marimba and received us very well,” he said.

To be musicians, they agree that the secret is to have first patience and wisdom, but mostly as they say “putting love into it because if there is no love, there is nothing.” And now they want to share that love with the people of Nosara. “I’m like the guide,” said Brenes, “because I know this area. This is the first time that they have come here.”

To contact these musicians for any type of event or party, you can call 8542-7859 or 7788-0726, or email: [email protected].