Nicoya CTP Tourism Students Gain Experience in Samara

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Students at Technical Professional High School (CTP) in Nicoya will be getting more hands-on experience thanks to a new interchange agreement signed between the school and CASATUR, the chamber of tourism in Samara.  Students began working at different hotels in Samara in July.

“Of all of the opportunities that one has to keep working after the internship, we have an 80 to 90% chance because the training we have after taking these courses is very high and this is what the hotels look for. Last year, when we did the internship, they were very satisfied with what we did, so they asked us if we would return there this year,” commented 19-year-old Joan Guevara Mora, who is participating in the CTP’s Tourism Specialty in Hospitality and Special Events.

At present, 41 CTP students are enrolled in this specialty between 10th and 12th grades, and other students can also take advantage of the interchange, according to Glenda Salazar Barrantes, business coordinator for CTP.

The agreement allows to go to Samara hotels to practice working in different functions such as cooking, as well as putting them in contact with foreigners to practice English. “They are afriad to speak, worried, but when this contact exists, they are going to have more confidence to express themselves and more fluidity,” Salazar remarked.

The agreement also benefits members of CASATUR, since they will be allowed to use the CTP facilities for employee trainings instead of having to send employees to San Jose.  Through law 7372, which finances technical professional education, the Nicoya CTP received more than 100 million colones ($200,000), which was invested in facilities such as an events hall that holds up to 70 people, other halls for 40 people with air conditioning and video vin and a simulated hotel kitchen with gas stoves.