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Nicoya Districts to Receive More Than ₡29 Million in Allocations for 2015

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The Municipality of Nicoya has readied funding from the line item allocations approved by municipal council members in December of 2014, which will be executed through the rest of this year.

That was confirmed by Daisy Marin, who is in charge of the planning and budgeting department for the mayor’s office. During the November 9 council session, she reminded members that the funding totals ¢29,527,296 ($55,500), which will be divided among 17 projects for the canton’s districts. 

“The syndics present these projects to the municipality and the council secretary sends them to the Legislative Assembly; these are allocations that come through a transfer from the Ministry of Revenue,” reported Marin.


Of the canton’s seven districts, Nicoya will receive the most funding, with ¢7,600,000 ($14,250), followed by San Antonio (¢6,913,444 or $13,000) and Nosara (¢3,890,961 or $7,300).


The projects that will be financed with this funding include the purchase of computers for Nicoya’s library, the purchase of instruments for the music school in Nosara, improvements to the Chinampas soccer field in Samara, and the construction of a water tank for San Vicente, among others. (See attached document, in Spanish, below this story.)


Marin indicated that disbursements of these funds will happen as soon as possible this year.