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Nicoya, Hojancha and Nandayure Unite Against Crime and Drugs

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The Public Force units of Nicoya, Hojancha and Nandayure have united to share resources with the goal of working together in anti-drug operations and against organized crime.

According to Omar Chavarria, the Nicoya police chief, for the last two months they have been working together with other local police stations.

“As part of the anti-drug efforts conducted in the area, we have strategically united with the Public Force of Hojancha, Nandayure and Nicoya to combine efforts against crime,” commented Chavarria.

Joining together means that more patrol vehicles and police officers are available for operations.

Chavarria said that the operations are showing good results. For example, on October 17, police were able to arrest Eduardo Leiton Gonzalez, for whom an arrest warrant had been issued for a sentence given by the court of Nicoya for vehicle theft.

His arrest occurred in Pueblo Viejo of Nicoya, after residents alerted authorities of the suspect’s presence in the area.

That same day, a person by the last names Mendoza Lopez was arrested, who was found with 30 marijuana joints in the area of San Martin of Nicoya.

On October 18, police arrested a subject with the last names Vasquez Porras in downtown Hojancha, who was in possession of 60 marijuana joints. Alfredo Rodriguez, the Hojancha Public Force sub-chief, commented, “The suspect with the alias ‘Chopo’ was arrested and 60 marijuana joints were confiscated. This happened during an operation in collaboration with the Public Force from several cantons. The suspect, when he saw that we were there, tried to hide in a bar in downtown Hojancha and he was apprehended there,” explained Rodriguez.

Mendoza Lopez and Vasquez Porras were taken to the criminal court in Santa Cruz, while Leiton Gonzalez will begin serving his sentence in the Liberia penitentiary.

According to Chavarria, these operations are carried out every day and will continue for several months.