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Nicoya Judiciary to have New Building

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Nicoya’s judiciary officials will inaugurate new facilities at the beginning of next year, assuming the construction of the new courthouse can be completed.

Municipal council member Rodolfo Orozco reported that on  July, some municipal council members met with judicial officials familiar with the problems of overcrowding at the current courthouse. They hoped to gain a general understanding of the beginning of the construction process and visited the future location for the new building.

“We saw the land. It’s two hectares for the court’s construction. It will be done through a trust with Banco de Costa Rica. We now have another entrance to Nicoya that is by the bridge that’s close to Riteve,” said Orozco.

The two hectares, which belong to the Municipality of Nicoya, are located just before crossing the bridge over the Rio Grande close to the Riteve building.

The new building will be large enough to house all of the judicial departments and attend to the needs of Nicoya, Hojancha and Nandayure. In addition, according to Orozco, the possible construction of a judicial morgue is also being evaluated.

The council member estimated that the cost for the project will be approximately ₡100 million ($200,000) and that the work will begin in 2015.

The current building will be occupied by the Nicoya mayor’s office and some municipal departments will be also moved to the facility.