Nicoya Muni Presents List of Delinquent Debts Totaling ₵500 Million

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During the municipal council session on Monday, March 9, the Municipality of Nicoya presented the list of those behind on obligatory tax payments to the local government.

In total, some 224 contributors owe ₵490,455,007 ($918,000) to the municipality, for permits, property taxes and waste collection, among others.

According to Marco Jimenez, Nicoya’s mayor, many of the debts were accrued years before and are currently under judicial recovery.

“What we’re doing is charging them through legal processes and we are in a process that will finish before 2015. They are multi-year debts and we have made an effort in coordination with the municipality’s external lawyers to be able to charge the pending amount we have.”

Among the names that appear with the highest amounts are Marta E. Campos Espinoza (₵17,002,269 or $31,800), Fraser Donovan John (₵11,409,971 or $21,300), Inversiones Rancho Nicoa J y T Sociedad Anonima (₵11,090,097 or $20,750), Lluvias de Kinshasa S.A. (₵10,243,759 or $19,150), El Alcaravan Trescientos Cuarenta y Tres S.A. (₵8,094,835 or $15,150), and Vista al Mar de Playa Pavones S.A. (₵6,210,792 or $11,625).

Regarding the possibility of coming to a payment arrangement with those companies, Jimenez explained that it’s a possibility for some but not all cases.

“In very qualified cases we could opt for that option [payment arrangements], but fundamentally those who owe should pay and those who don’t pay lose the properties,” he said.

Muni Confirms Earth Movements without Permits in Aquifer

In addition, during the session a report was presented by the territorial planning and environmental services department of the municipality that details earth movements, tree felling and the opening of a road without municipal permits in Samara’s Mala Noche aquifer.

The complaint regarding the issues was made on various occasions by Carlos Esquivel Esquivel, president of the Samara Asada, who had alerted the municipality to tree cuttings and the opening of roads in the area where reservoirs of water are located.

Later, during a visit to the site, the department of environmental services confirmed the earth movements to open a road and build a terrace on the road without municipal permits.

In addition, the report explained that trees and vegetation within the Maritime Land Zone were cut, without permits from MINAE.

In response to the events, the municipality imposed four injunctions on the company Calle Vuelta de Plata cvp S.A. with the goal of re-establishing the original conditions and the site’s ecological vitality.

“The earth movements happened without [municipal] authorization and affect a vulnerable area because those are recharge [zones] for Samara’s aquifers. It’s a subject for the courts, not us. We already presented the relevant complaints at the jurisdictional bodies, to the municipal council and we are working to act rigorously on behalf of the environment,” said the mayor.