Nicoya Municipality Buys ¢200 Million Property for New Cemetery

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The years of waiting are over. The Nicoya Municipality finally has purchased a piece of land to build a new cemetery.

The municipal council on Dec. 6 approved the allocation of ¢205,750,000  for a property purchase near Matabuey residential area on the road to Río Grande de Nicoya.

The purchase followed a tendering process that started on Jan. 21, 2015. Four bids were submitted.



According to technical evaluations by municipal experts, the best offer was made by José Elías Torres Benavides for a 3.5-square-kilometer property.

Not One More Body

There is no vacancy at Nicoya’s current cemetery due to the number of deceased resting there. Since 2012, the Health Ministry has sent the municipality two orders to close the cemetery.  According to the ministry, the cemetery does not meet minimum requirements such as the distance between graves, which must exceed 3 meters.

The problem could have been resolved in May 2015, when the Nicoya Municipality decided to buy land from Mario Rojas Huertas. However, the property owner cancelled the sale offer saying he’d been waiting for a decision since 2007.

For now, council members say that once the legal paperwork for the purchase is finalized, work can start on technical studies needed for construction to begin.