Nicoyan Council Members Ask to Avoid Referendum to Approve Animal Protection Law

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On Monday, June 27, in a quick session that lasted only 52 minutes, the council members for the canton of Nicoya approved a motion to ask the representatives of the Legislative Assembly to avoid convening another referendum to approve the Animal Protection Law.

The draft of Law 18298 that is currently in the assembly does not include any penalty for bull riding or any bull-related activities, so the Nicoyans asked that this initiative be approved as a matter of urgency.

The motion was drafted by councilman Saul Cardenas, who said that there is interest in drafting another law and presenting it in the assembly, which could include punishments for bull riding and horse parades.



For his part, Councilman Marvin Vargas affirmed that fining bull riding activities could affect the development associations, which finance many community projects thanks to the money they raise with these popular bull festivals.

In the document, which was signed by all of the council members, they affirm that if the country submits the draft to a referendum, they would have to incur a cost of ¢2.7 billion ($5.1 million).




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